A Charlie Brown Christmas

I just realized it is now appropriate for me to listen to A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat for the next three weeks!!


I’m feeling festive as fuck, y’all. Probably because I’m feeling homesick, which started earlier today but truly culminated when I got on the train this evening and the floor was as sticky as the floor of that Hell’s Kitchen gay bar that shows hardcore porn on the monitors.

We didn’t even have Christmas when I was a kid – we added it to the holiday repertory when our step-family entered the picture, but that wasn’t until the end of my elementary school career. It was too late to recover from years of solitary popsicle stick Jewish Stars, surrounded by smugly cheerful Christmas Trees on the walls of my elementary school classrooms. Luckily I didn’t give a fuck, because unlike these dumb-dumbs, I knew the whole Santa Claus thing was bullshit.

Still, I can’t help but feel hella warm and fuzzy inside when I listen to this music. It makes the prospect of four months of slipping and sliding all over garbage-strewn ice much more palatable to my delicate constitution.