Boring Monday

The Jews are wildin’ out this evening. I Googled “Is it sukkot” to figure out when exactly sukkot ends, and apparently there’s a children’s book called Is It Sukkot Yet and I’m like, wow, Jews really do dig Sukkot. But actually it’s Simchat Torah, which is when you unroll the whole torah and everybody holds it in a circle, and then you dance with it. Come to think of it, that all sounds pretty culty. Oh well, no childhood is complete without some culty behavior.

Speaking of traditions, the cobbler where I picked up my shoes today is also a watch repair shop that buys gold, copies keys and pierces ears! I’m feeling classy as shit with my dry cleaned coat and my shoes that are nice enough to get fixed at a cobbler that also pierces ears.

Ugh, I’m too tired to write anything else. I think I might be having some drowsiness from the Lexapro, but also I’ve been feeling more alert during the day. Having written it out just now, kind of seems like that’s how you’re supposed to feel if you’re a human being and whatnot.

I’m catsitting this basketcase:

I’m going to fuck shit up

Have y’all seen Moonlight yet?