La La Land

Did anyone else expect La La Land to be dumb as fuck? After watching the trailer, it felt like everybody else had drunk the Kool-aid and I was just waiting to be the last person on earth (#agirlcandream).

I try to see all the critically acclaimed films of the year at the theater because I’m bougie as fuck, so I went to see it and was pleasantly surprised! Other than the fact that they wedged all the actors of color into the very first scene and then went full mayonnaise for the rest of the film (except for the all-black jazz club Ryan Gosling is inexplicably asked to play). Another movie about white dudes in the jazz world, featuring women gazing rapturously into their eyes as they explain music to them and black people dancing fabulously in the background.

“Mew..zik? What’s that?”

But I can’t pretend that it wasn’t charming as fuck. I used to find Ryan Gosling irresistible, but he was solidly *aight* in this movie; meanwhile, I was fawning wildly over Emma Stone. I guess I’m getting gayer in my old age! Not to mention I often have music mainsplained to me (a woman with an music degree) by dudes that think they’re the next Thom Yorke (they’re not).

Plus, all the visual aspects were dazzling and imaginative, from the set design to the cinematography to the choreography. I even liked the music, which is akin to hell freezing over, because I’m judgmental as fuck when it comes to musicals.

Anyway, I’m stuffed with endorphins right now because I worked out and did *~*yOgA*~*(I had to use my raggedy-ass lambskin rug from Ikea instead of a yoga mat because I don’t have one #brokedownbitch). Every time I feel this way I’m like, “Where’s the catch? Why do I feel this good? When will this brief drop of levity shatter into the inevitable existential breakdown?”

On that note, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


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