Have y’all seen Moonlight yet

As has been almost pathologically repeated, as if the entire country were in an obsessive compulsive ritual loop in an attempt to stave off our frightfully imminent collision with the proverbial sun, this past week sucked a bag of dicks.

I’m finding renewed solace in the music, books, films, and TV shows of women and people of color post-election – and it also probably doesn’t hurt that my brain chemicals are no longer in a constant state of “HOLY SHIT A HORDE OF ARMY ANTS IS SLOWLY DEVOURING MY FUCKING FAMILY, AND NOT ONLY ARE THEY ALL DEAD, BUT I ALSO AM IN DANGER OF BEING EATEN,” which I think is a pretty solid description of what simultaneous anxiety and depression feel like. So I guess that’s an update on Lexapro.

Meanwhile, so many things happen each day that there’s a backlog of *fun blog topics* occupying my brain – from watching a rat conspicuously dragging a banana peel into the sewer (I’m not trying to subscribe to the politics of respectability, but way to adhere to a fucking stereotype, rat), to marching to Trump tower with my mom, to seeing a laughably earnest documentary written, directed, and narrated (with extraordinary lack of skill) by James Patterson. How can one choose between such varied yet equally important topics?

More than ever I believe that art and laughter in conjunction with action are the only ways to get by during this difficult time. We have to keep ourselves together if we’re going to help each other. I feel rejuvenated in my desire to both create and absorb media that means something and connects me with others. So I will keep writing and I will keep trying to make other people (and myself) laugh.

By the way, someone told me that I suck at promoting myself. So if you like this blog and know someone else who might like it too, please feel free to share it with them. Or don’t, and just tell them about your most recent poop, because if they’d like this blog they’d probably like hearing about that too. Also, if you have feedback for me I always appreciate it, as the primary reason for this blog is practice.

Enjoy this picture:



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