On my similarity to pandas

My anxiety has increased significantly since I moved to New York, if you haven’t gathered by reading literally any sentence on this blog. Instead of doing the logical thing (and the thing that everyone keeps telling me to do, over and over again) and moving to a different city, I’m treating it like your average millennial does and coating it with medication.

LOL! JK, I’m not trying to add to the stigma of medicating one’s self. One of the few quotes I consider regularly (other than “Everyone poops,” which is as close to a life motto for me as anything) is “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” People with mental illness, in my opinion, are reacting appropriately to this fucked-up place. Maladaptive? Perhaps. But, like, so are pandas. So fuck you.

Anyway, I’ve started Lexapro, as of today. I kind of feel like I’m not supposed to share that, and for that very reason I am doing so, because I don’t want to feel any shame over it. I guess I’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, the weather is all over the goddamned place so my face looks like I’m wearing one of those clay masks all the time, except instead of clay it’s zits.

Luckily all I can think about is Michelle Obama, hopefully future ruler of the known universe and beyond.

Barack Obama,Michelle Obama

Unfortunately for the dude on the far left, you can tell he’s having the same problem as me. “Don’t look at the first lady’s butt, Donald. Don’t even glance over there. Don’t look. Don’t look over there.”



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