1. Wow, these moments before the debate when everyone is waiting around for them to come out are unbelievably awkward. Also, everyone just started coughing like the audience was just shown a card that said, “Alright this shitshow is about to start, get all your gagging out now.”
  2. Goddamn Anderson Cooper. Hopefully he isn’t excessively visible during this debate or he will be my only focus. That tie! Those glasses!
  3. Oops I walked out of the room during Trump’s opening remarks to get some food from the fridge, bye
  4. “NOBODY HAS MORE RESPECT FOR WOMEN THAN I DO” God I fucking hate you so much
  5. Like WTF are you talking about? Why are you talking about borders. Why are you talking about ISIS. Why are you talking.
  6. I miss Hillary’s red power suit 😥
  7. Honestly like 10 minutes have gone by and I have no words. Maybe I will just sit back and watch Donald shit the bed
  8. “She didn’t talk while you talk” #andersoncooperisbae
  9. Ugh this is giving me heartburn
  10. “I’m a gentleman”

  11. The name is not “Radical Islamic Terrah,” btw
  12. “Where they are, where they’re from, what they did, as long as they love me”
  13. “I know nothing about Russia” yes, we know
  14. Donald Trump seems to think that there’s only one senator at any given time
  15. He finally sat down! The coke is wearing off
  16. “I will give economics to people”
  17. Every time someone says “in the criminal justice system,” my mind always says “sexually based defenses are considered especially heinous”

Ugh, this post, like this debate, and like Justice Scalia, was pure hot garbage. My b


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