Overview of Beyoncé

BTW, earlier this week I covertly threw a plastic cup at a dude who was making too much noise during a quiet song at the James Blake concert. Just some context re: I have a stick up my ass. So anyway, the Beyoncé concert.

Actually, what the fuck am I gonna say about Beyoncé? She was exactly as flawless as I expected. Nothing went wrong. She sang “Love on Top” a cappella. She brought out fucking Kendrick Lamar and everyone voided their bowels in unison.


I do think in the shiny glare of Lemonade‘s perfection I’d sort of forgotten how problematic some of her past music is – it blows my mind that in her last album she allowed lyrics so abhorrent as “eat the cake, Anna Mae,” and, even worse, she continues to include it live after everyone pointed out that she and Jay Z are glorifying the domestic violence against one of her predecessors. Her music is full of contradictions, which I guess, in the end, is a testament to her complexity as a woman and the contradictory existence within which every woman exists. But also, men have written and produced the bulk of her music. So, that.

Either way, I can’t believe she’s a real human being (even though I saw her human body with my very eyes), and I especially can’t believe that she and Chris Christie were in the same state last night!




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