I was gonna write a post about anxiety

But it felt too personal, so here are some cold, hard facts:

  1. I just watched the first episode of Insecure and I’m losing my shit (both figuratively and literally because my anxiety is giving me abdominal distress)
  2. My calves have felt weirdly sore for two days, seemingly with no cause, so I’m figuring it’s probably cancer
  3. I worked from home yesterday because my stomach was hurting. I may not be an Oregon settler but it’s definitely dysentery, and I’m gonna die
  4. I went to get a bagel from the place near my house and the guy didn’t use gloves, there’s Norovirus and subsequent death
  5. Woke up in the middle of the night to pee. Must be diabetes! Preparing for amputation, infection, cardiac arrest, death
  6. Couldn’t fall back asleep because of heartburn – good bye everyone I have esophageal cancer

Please enjoy these photos of me experiencing anxiety


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