Honestly I don’t think I really *~got~* salad until last night. Salads are always like $12 at restaurants and I’m like, why would I spend MORE money on fewer calories?

Um, because SALAD DRESSING bitches. I inadvertently bought gluten-free (ugh) vegan (ugh) dressing because it was on sale but DAMN. Brianna’s Rich Poppy Seed dressing. I want to bathe in it.

I decided to give salad a chance because spinach was on sale at the grocery store. Unfortunately it was going bad so I had to use all of it – it’s gonna be a lot of farts today. Everything else I bought was on sale too – that’s another benefit of salad is that you can just throw random shit in and it’s fine. I used: spinachnectarineswalnutsradishes, chickpeas, actually that’s all the ingredients I used. I guess I should be less proud of myself.

That actually looks pretty decent. I guess it’s time to join Pinterest!


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