Broccoli Stir Fry

I am way too proud of myself for something that took less than 10 minutes to make, but Jesus I feel like a hero. I had leftover sushi rice from when I was being a fat ass and Seamless-ed both a special sushi roll AND a salmon bowl, so I was literally one of those hibachi chefs who make onion volcanos and throw knives and shit.

(I’m a goddess)

I started with a straight-up block of frozen broccoli in hot olive oil (I don’t have peanut oil) and three cloves of garlic because I’m an ogre (yes this is for one serving for one person). My roommates buy ginger in massive jars so I put some of that in there, then I put the rice in. I’d already put a bunch of soy sauce in the rice for some reason so I didn’t add any more.

Then I got culinary as fuck and added honey and cayenne pepper and then some sriracha for good measure. And then I cracked an egg in for pRoTeIn or whatever and now I’m eating all of it right now.

I basically just ate cheese constantly all weekend and week so hopefully this will make my poop less weird.

(I have become garlic)


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