Macaroni & Cheese

I’m starting to think that I should probably open a restaurant because I’m innovative as fuq in the kitchen. I kind of hate myself for taking the most perfect food in the world and adding healthy shit to it, but if I’m gonna spend a bunch of money on cheese and carbs I have to add some nutrients because otherwise I could just buy $1 pizza and eat a carrot at the same time.

Last week I built houses for Habitat for Humanity which was pretty hard work, AND I burned myself on a drill bit, so I feel like I deserve to drown myself in cheese forever.

(I’m like a war hero at this point)

I went and got veggie macaroni (barf) and used the rest of my roommate’s quinoa (barf) to make a hybrid bougie/plebian dish. Btw, mac & cheese is weirdly complicated? It’s like chemistry class because you put flour and butter together and it’s somehow thicker than both things, and then you add milk and it gets even thicker??? ??? Synergy or something??????????? I couldn’t take any pictures because I had to stir like 10 things at a time so sorry no stupid looking pictures.

Honestly I can’t be that snarky about this because it tastes like it came right out of God’s asshole.



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